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SALT DANCE STUDIO offers lessons in ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, acro and hip hop. Our classes nurture, inspire and motivate dancers to find their own unique artistry and self-expression through movement.

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Our mission is to nurture the love and joy of dance in all of our students and to share the beauty of dance arts with our community. Our dancers are encouraged to express themselves creatively and explore movement in a safe and supportive space. Each dance student at our studio is valued and given the opportunity to shine their unique light. 

Founded in 2022, SALT DANCE STUDIO is situated in Dargaville township, on the bank of the Northern Wairoa River, in the beautiful Kaipara District. SALT DANCE STUDIO offers a variety of classes for every skill level from beginner to advanced, providing excellent dance tuition for students 2 years-18 years of age. Specialising in Classical and Contemporary dance techniques, SALT offers classes in Creative Movement, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Acro and Hip Hop.

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Available Classes

Creative Movement

A creative, interactive and fun dance class for girls and boys aged 2-4 years old. Fostering musicality, imagination and creative expression. 

Students will develop strength, coordination, musicality, confidence and self awareness, while learning fundamental movement skills and having lots of fun!  


Creative Dance

An exciting, mixed style dance class for girls and boys aged 4-6 years old. Students will learn foundational ballet, lyrical and jazz movement skills. Using a variety of modern and classical music, our Creative Dance classes foster musicality, imagination and creative expression, as well as building confidence and self awareness. ​

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is known for its graceful and precise movements, beautiful aesthetics, and ethereal qualities. This style is characterized by tradition and employs techniques that have been handed down over the centuries since it's origins in France.

Students will learn the French vocabulary alongside the prominent principles of ballet, including; poise, turnout, balance, coordination and stability. This class is an important way to build and strengthen foundations while developing new techniques that are essential for well-trained dancers. 

Our ballet classes begin from 5 years with Primary Ballet. 

Leaping Dancer


Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Developed during the mid-twentieth century, contemporary breaks away from the structured techniques of more traditional styles and focuses on freedom of movement and artistic expression. 

In a contemporary dance class, we focus on the development of both technical and creative skills. Students will develop confidence in contemporary dance technique, as well as partnering, choreography, and improvisation.

We offer contemporary classes from 7 years. 


Jazz is one of the most versatile and popular styles of dance. A social dance style that emerged at the turn of the 20th century when dancers, inspired by jazz muisc, began blending traditional African dance movements with classical techniques. Jazz is characterised by its dynamic, fast, and precise movements and theatrical performance quality. Impressive leaps, kicks and turns are common movements in this exciting and energetic style. 

We offer Jazz classes from 5 years with Primary Jazz. 



Lyrical dance is an evolving style that embodies various aspects of ballet, contemporary and jazz, combining ballet and jazz technique with the freedom and expressiveness of contemporary. The term Lyrical Dance comes from the word “lyrical,” which means to have a poetic, expressive quality. Movements in lyrical are fluid, continuous, and graceful.
Dancers illustrate the story and meaning of the song they are dancing to, interpreting the music and connecting with their audience through their movement and expression.
Lyrical is taught within both our Jazz and Contemporary classes.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance has evolved over the past few decades into one of the most popular and influential styles of dance. Hip hop combines modern upbeat music with a variety of freestyle movements to create an exciting and vibrant form of dance. 
In our Hip hop classes students will learn important performance, choreography and improvisation skills while developing their own unique style. Students will develop self confidence and be encouraged to express themselves creatively in a safe and supportive space. 

We offer Hip Hop classes from 4 years with our Mini Hip Hop class. 

Contemporary dances. Professional hip hop and break dancer boy dancing at studio on a whit
Acro dancer_edited.jpg


This style is a favourite for many dance students who love a challenge and the chance to try something new! Students will learn fundamental acrobatic and tumbling techniques in a safe and supportive environment. Students will have the opportunity to advance through graded levels as they achieve and master new skills. This class is great complimentary training for dancers already taking classes in jazz, contemporary and hip hop styles. 
We offer acro classes from 2 years with our Tiny Tumblers preschool class.

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Teacher and Director

Hi, I am Rachel, the Owner/Director of SALT DANCE STUDIO. I have recently relocated up here to the lovely Kaipara with my three daughters Mikaiah, Theia and Lilia. I began dancing at an early age, since my mum is also a dance teacher. I trained in classical ballet (Royal Academy of Dance syllabus) and later studied and fell in love with contemporary dance, as well as enjoying a bit of Jazz and Hip Hop. 

At Uni I gained a qualification in Sport and Recreation before studying towards a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, Majoring in Contemporary Dance. I have been teaching dance for over 10 years and absolutely love working with dancers of all ages and abilities, helping them to reach their full potential, and find the light that shines inside of them! 

When I’m not teaching dance, or taking music and movement classes for little people, I am at home with my girls, we homeschool and all of them love to dance and perform. We also enjoy travelling around and exploring our beautiful NZ and are always up for an adventure! 

I have decided to create SALT DANCE STUDIO to give students a supportive space to grow as dancers and connect with each other, as well as share the beauty of dance arts with the wider community. 

Susi Hadassah

Ballet Teacher

Susi has taught ballet for many many years and comes with a wealth of knowledge in dance, choreography, professional practice and creative therapies. Susi has a Bachelor of Dance from AUT and is a registered RAD ballet teacher (Royal Academy of Dance). As an experienced and professional dance teacher, Susi is a very valued member of our Salt Dance team. Susi is looking forward to working with our ballet students this year and sharing her wonderful knowledge and love of dance with all of our Salt dancer's.

Susi Ballerina_edited.jpg

Tiqvah Taylor

Dance Teacher

Hi, my name is Tiqvah and I have been teaching dance over the last 10 years. I find great joy in seeing students having fun and growing a love and passion for dance. I grew up with four sisters, all of whom danced. For us, dance was just a way of life and we were constantly being taxied back and forth from the studio. I trained in classical ballet completing the ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet syllabus. On top of training classically I have enjoyed exploring other dance styles such as contemporary and musical theater, which helped me to develop my versatility as a performer. As well as dancing I am a primary school teacher and now full time Mum to my two young boys Eli and Ari. I’m excited to be back teaching in the studio!

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